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The Ultimate Minimalist Gift Guide

With the holiday season underway, we asked our minimalist founder friends from Bare Hands, Common Heir, and Dr. Elsa Jungman to share their favorite products that make useful and attentive gifts. We hope that this list sparks some ideas for the holiday season as we practice mindful gifting!

Elsa is the founder of Dr. Elsa Jungman, a minimalist microbiome-friendly skincare brand specializing in bringing you back to your skin. The following are Elsa’s favorite gift ideas for a cozy holiday season (or anytime really!) 

  • Dr. EJ Minimaliste Discovery Set—A gift featuring minis of our best-loved ultra-moisturizing serums and a limited edition ‘Minimaliste’ canvas pouch for travel or everyday use.  Perfect for trying a little bit of everything, and finding your favorite. ($32)

  • Heath Ceramics—Elsa’s go-to mug for early morning zoom calls or an herbal tea in the evening. A timeless classic ceramic mug that is suitable for anyone who enjoys a warm cup of something ($41)

  • Dandelion Chocolate—If you or your special someone is a chocolate lover, this gift set is *the* gift. All dark chocolate, all prepared in San Francisco. Dandelion is a small-batch chocolatier that gives special attention to the culture, art, and ethical production of their cacao ($45)

  • PF Candle Co.- Piñ—Who doesn’t love that perfect candle for cozy evenings? Elsa’s favorite, Piñon, features scents like vanilla, cedar, and (of course!) piñon logs ($20)

  • Song Tea + Ceramics Floral Shiboridashi—This hand painted floral shiboridashi is perfect for a more traditional tea time. Beautifully made with soft tones and gorgeous linework, this thoughtful gift is sure to become a conversation starter the next time you pour a friend a cup of tea ($162)

Angela Ubias is a name in beauty you should know. After nearly a decade working in clean and indie beauty product development, building one of the original clean beauty labs and over 50 iconic brands in the process, there’s a strong chance something Angela Ubias formulated is in your bathroom or boudoir right now. But after spending nearly a decade building other brands, Ubias felt called to create something of her own, thus, she co-founded Common Heir a first in class luxury, skincare line that is all results, zero plastic. 

  • Common Heir—Our award-winning Vitamin C Serum is the ultimate gift for the skincare lover. A gentle, luxe, and travel-friendly formula that uses a unique form of Vitamin C and brightening botanicals like licorice and marshmallow root to leave skin glowing. Not to mention the packaging looks stunning on a vanity ($88)

  • 54 Thrones is a beautiful brand (and Oprah approved!) inspired by founder Christina Tegbe's heritage and love of African ingredients and beauty traditions. The African Beauty Butter comes in 5 delicious scents and is available in a limited edition collection ($80) 

  • Esker's Body Plane Tool is a staple in my body care routine. It's also beautifully crafted and a female-founded company which I love! ($85)

  • The Moonstoned—If you're in the market for a gorgeous piece of jewelry, your search ends with The Moonstoned. Founder, Elizabeth Potts, takes such an ethical approach to curating the most amazing vintage finds along with designing collections under The Moonstoned brand. I own a few treasured items that will be part of my forever jewelry collection.

Suzanne Shade is the founder of Bare Hands and creator of the Dry Gloss Manicure—A natural method to shine and nourish nails without plastic-based paints or harmful solvents. Her mission is to create an alternative to traditional manicure products and a new paradigm for natural nail care. 

  • Keep Well Kept Safety Razor—With proper care, this razor and its components will last a lifetime. I love their mantra that the most sustainable purchase is no purchase ($82)

  • The Dry Gloss Manicure kit—The goal of our kit is to reduce exposure to oil-based paints and harmful solvents and to make the ritual of nail care safer for people and planet ($39) 

  • Ojook Toothpaste—I love the innovation in both heritage and modern ingredients: Roasted Korean medicinal bamboo salt restores the ideal oral microbiome, and Xylitol starves harmful bacteria in your mouth, reducing plaque and preventing cavities ($18)

  • Winden Solid Shampoo and Container System—Their thoughtfully designed essentials offer an opportunity to redefine how you live, starting with your daily routine ($40)

  • Binu Binu Soap Duos—Binu Binu makes goods for public bath rituals, inspired by Korean bathhouse culture. I love that their formulas are based on the idea of the daily ritual of intergenerational bonding ($44)

Anastasia Bezrukova is the founder of Minori, a makeup brand that creates timeless, inclusive and consciously formulated everyday beauty essentials. She is also a KonMari Consultant. Here's Anastasia's list of minimalist staples that spark joy!

  • ​​Crown Affair The Towel—Perfect for air-drying your hair in style while sipping your morning coffee and doing your minimalist makeup routine ($45) 

  • Minori Cream Blush—Our cream blush works for all skin tones and is possibly the most exciting stocking stuffer you could ask for ($32) 

  • Catbird Greco Lariat Necklace—It's the necklace that has stayed on my neck for the last 500+ days. Its made with 100% recycled solid 14k yellow gold. It's so light and thin that you forget that it's there. You don't need to take it off when you shower. I bought it for my sister last year, and she has also not taken it off since ($218)

  • Cuyana Wallet—The perfect wallet for a credit card minimalist. I've been using this wallet for over two years, and it is still in pristine condition. I hope to keep and love it for many years to come ($75)

  • Dip Color Safe Shampoo Bar for Every Day in Tobacco & Driftwood—A gift that is sustainable, useful, and fun. This has done such wonders for my thin, damaged hair that it will be on my holiday shopping list for both men and women in my family ($24) 




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