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Meet the Muse: Andrea Loayza

By Andrea Loayza

Meet the Muse it is a series highlighting our community's mindful rituals, beauty staples, and conversations that inspire confidence and introspection.
To us, makeup can be a form of self-care, a creative outlet, and intimate practice to ground ourselves for the day ahead. Our Muses walk us through their personalized beauty experiences and conscious living.


I am Andrea, I am a proud Peruvian and Latina now living in Toronto, Canada. I am an internal strategist in the realms of clean beauty and have a passion for helping companies with their business challenges. I  spend my time in pro-bono consulting creating social impact in my community. My passions are in portrait photography, and cooking various types of cuisine. To me, beauty is a means to self-expression, showing my identity and sharing who I am to the world. 

What is your ideal morning routine?

Wake up, greet my two dogs and let them out to play, get breakfast, in particular a cup of Peruvian coffee in the morning. Then my zen moment of doing my morning skincare routine and minimalist make-up. This doesn't always happen but five minutes of meditation. Then, I throw on some comfy clothes and I'm ready to tackle my day!

What's something you can't leave  your house without?

My sun-glasses. My eye doctor recommended wearing sunglasses to protect my eyes and and I've taken that advice to heart

You have 5-minutes to do your make-up, what are you reaching for?

  • A sheer eye concealer, recently in love with the Face Pencil from Jones Road Beauty
  • Bronzer, I like to brighten up my olive complexion (Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder in Natural)
  • Blush, I love adding a pop of color in addition to the brozer (Minori Cream Blush in Scarlet)
  • Mascara, definitely mascara (Too Faced, Better Than Sex)
  • Lip gloss or lipstick in a nude color (Minori Lip Gloss in Cozy)

Favorite Minori Product?

Hard choice. But cream blush in shade Scarlet. I am absolutely obsessed with how nice the shade is and how goes with my golden skin tone! I love the finish, how I can build it up depending on the occasion and how long wearing it is. I wear it with my mask all the time and don't get any transfer.

What does minimalism mean to you?

Minimalism to me means being conscious of my choices, with regards to beauty , for me it is about using less products that do more for my skin and in life, about prioritizing things that matter to me.


What's the best beauty advice you've received?

What a huge difference properly groomed eye-brows can make. True story, I don't use an eyebrow pencil, just try to keep a regular waxing schedule. A pretty close second is the beauty specialist who introduced me to bronzer and how it helps me maintain my glow during the cold winter months when my skin loses some of its tan.

What makes you feel confident?

Remembering my gifts. Making a note to pause and think about these often. I also surround myself with friends and colleagues who are positive people and remind me of my strengths if I fail to see them at times.



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