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A Creative and Colorful Escape with Erin Fong

Meet artist and fun lover Erin Fong!

Erin is a letterpress printer based in the Bay Area and the founder of Erin Loves Fun, a collection of lifestyle, travel, art, and events based in the San Francisco Bay Area and East Bay. If you're looking for a colorful escape or a few fun things to do, Erin will lead you in the right direction and make you feel inspired along the way. 

We chatted with Erin to see what inspires her, her morning routine, and more. Read below and stay tuned for a special surprise we've been working on with Erin for you! 

What does your typical day-to-day look like? 
As a freelance artist and creative there is no typical day so my schedule is often built around upcoming projects, commissions and studio time. It requires a lot of time management, which is NOT my strong suit, but I try to work during “normal business hours.” Some days I’m making fun outfit TikToks/Reels. Other days I’m letterpress printing a series of posters. Recently it’s a bunch of research and painting for an upcoming show. Often it’s a lot of computer work/emails and getting sucked into an Instagram hole. I find that writing out a rough schedule the day before really helps with creating some structure.

Where are you drawing inspiration from lately?
I am getting so much inspo from therapy! I started going to therapy at the beginning of the pandemic as a means to better understand and connect with myself more. Through mindfulness and visualizations, I am uncovering a whole internal colorscape of feelings and emotions, which is inspiring my practice. I am perpetually inspired by the magic of color and its impact on us as individuals. I am currently working toward a large solo show at Bedford Gallery in Walnut Creek in January 2023 which will explore how color makes me feel and the colors I associate with certain feelings.

What are a few things that spark joy for you?
Colorful houses, sunshine, monochromatic outfits and any dog ever.

What’s your favorite way to unwind?
I loooove reading in bed every night. I have always loved reading but really started jamming through books these pandemic years. I finished over 20 books last year and 30 the year before and just can’t get enough!

What’s your ideal morning routine?
My ideal morning routine entails waking up refreshed, having an iced coffee (recently I’ve been mixing some black sesame paste into it and let me tell ya, YUM!), and getting some exercise ~ either a peloton ride or a little hike.

What makes you feel confident?
I feel confident when I’m in a flow state in my studio ~ when all worries or concerns or judgment just fall away and I’m able to just fully trust in what I’m creating.



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