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Best Blush Colors Based on Your Skin Tone and Hair Color

When developing Minori, I aimed to simplify the overwhelming array of blush shades. As a former head of personalization at IPSY, I've tried over 4,000 beauty products, including hundreds of blushes. Through this experience, I've identified two universally flattering blush shades: Mauve Blush and Sunkissed Red Blush, which we've named Orchid and Scarlet in our collection.

Choosing the Right Blush for Your Skin Tone and Hair Color

Fair Skin Tones with Light Hair: Blondes and redheads often have warmer hair tones, so I recommend balancing their look with cooler-toned mauve blushes, like Minori's cream blush in shade Orchid.  For those with very fair skin, a light, cool-toned pink blush can be a perfect match. Keep an eye out for Minori's new cool-toned pink blush launching this summer!

Fair and light skin tones with mauve blush

Light to Medium Skin Tones with Darker Hair: If you have brown or black hair, you can pull off both warm and cool-toned blushes. A warmer, redder blush, like Minori's Cream blush in Scarlet can add a nice warmth to your complexion.

Fair and light skin tones with sunkissed red blush

Tan to Deep Skin Tones: For tan to deep skin tones, our Sunkissed Red shade, Scarlet, creates a natural, glowing flush. Deep berry and burnt orange shades also complement deeper skin tones beautifully.

Tan to Dark Skin tones with red blush

Examples of Blush Shades on Different Skin Tones

Maya, with her darker hair, looks stunning in both the cooler Orchid and the warmer Scarlet blush. However, I personally prefer Scarlet on her as it adds a bit more warmth to her complexion.

woman with Fair Skin Tone, Black Hair, Mauve vs Red blush comparison

Our model Dallol, with a deeper skin tone, tries both Orchid and Scarlet. While both shades look beautiful, the red blush, Scarlet, stands out more and enhances her skin's natural radiance.

Woman with dark skin tones showing maube vs red blush comparison on each cheek

Final Thoughts on Choosing the Right Blush

While there are many blush shades available, I recommend starting with "mauves" and "sunkissed reds" for their versatility and flattering appeal. Remember, blush isn't for everyone. Some individuals with naturally red cheeks may prefer to focus on hydration and highlighter for a healthy glow.

By understanding your skin tone and hair color, you can find the perfect blush shade to enhance your natural beauty. Stay tuned for Minori's upcoming blush releases and embrace your unique glow!



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