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What Does the FSC label on Minori's Packaging Mean?

From the start, Minori has been committed to promoting sustainability through mindful consumption. Part of this includes being thoughtful about where our packaging comes from. Intentionality is at the root of our values. We are continuously improving our sustainability practices as the brand grows. 

What does the FSC label mean? 

On our unit cartons, you will find a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) label. This mark certifies that the materials used to produce the cartons are responsibly sourced, according to FSC’s comprehensive social and environmental standards.  

Minori cartons are made from FSC Mix materials using FSC-certified wood, recycled materials, and/or FSC controlled wood. Though controlled timber is not from FSC-certified forests, it mitigates the risk of materials coming from unacceptable sources. In addition, FSC’s controlled wood standards help address significant problems like illegal logging, human and traditional rights violations, and deforestation. 

Ideally, cartons would be made from 100% FSC-certified materials; however, there isn’t enough FSC-certified forest area to meet the demand. Nevertheless, the growing demand encourages forest managers to work toward FSC-certification.  

Our shipping boxes are also made from FSC-certified paper. 

You can learn more about how FSC labels are supporting responsible forestry here 

Look for the logo

You can find the FSC label on all types of consumer products, your coffee cup, a book, or food products. By choosing FSC-certified products, not only are you supporting brands that are committed to sustainability, but you are driving the demand for more companies to become FSC-certified. 

Where does Minori get their packaging?

Our unit cartons are printed by a company in Butler, NJ. Our shipping boxes are produced in Pennsauken, NJ. 


Our shipping box and unit cartons are 100% recyclable. Simply place them in your curbside recycling. To find out how to recycle in your area, visit Recycle Nation

Minori has partnered with TerraCycle’s Zero Waste Box platform to recycle cosmetic containers, like our lip-gloss tubes. You can participate in our recycling program here!

Our Journey

By 2025, we aim to use 50% post-consumer materials in our packaging and implement systematic carbon emissions tracking to offset our environmental impact.

We appreciate you joining us on our mission to live simply and sustainably!



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