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Welcome to Our Musings Blog!

Three years ago, before I even started working on product development, I started the Minori blog to write about my personal experience with minimalism. As I began crafting a minimalist lifestyle for myself, I saw how minimalism in practice varies from person to person; we each have unique ways of creating intentional lives. This inspired me to create a space that fosters an open dialogue, a place where we can  exchange insights from our experiences, learnings, and values -- making the journey available to anyone and everyone. Today, our blog is reborn under a new name: Musings, a word that means “a period of reflection and thought.” 

Musings is meant to be a space for the Minori team, our community, and guest writers to share real human stories, and to showcase the different paths and experiences that we can take in our attempts to live more mindfully and intentionally. 

Becoming more mindful is hard, as is teaching ourselves to be more patient, less impulsive, and less wasteful. There is no perfect path to mindfulness. There is no one model of minimalism. Musings is about exploring all avenues, stories, and realities of humans trying to do better for themselves and the planet. 

On the Musings blog you will find specially curated content about beauty, lifestyle, sustainability, community, and news from Minori's team. 

With anything that we write, our aim will be to help you discover people, narratives and even other brands that align with our values. 

Musings will be a space to celebrate conscious beauty. We hope to share content in a way that is fun, approachable, educational, and inspiring. Our goal is to  help you make good and informed beauty purchases, without pushing trends or promoting impulse buying. 

Our lifestyle posts will explore how to incorporate intentionality across all areas of life and help you discover other purpose-driven brands that we think you might like to know about or support. Whether we write about fashion, food, home living, self-care routines, we will aim to do it with a mindful perspective. 

We will also write about sustainability, particularly through the lens of how mindful consumption can lead to the biggest impact in reducing our personal footprints. Whether you are just dipping your toes in trying to reduce your impact on the environment, or whether you are a zero waste pro, you are welcome in this space. Together we will learn and support each other in trying to do better by our planet. 

Through our community posts we aim to create a space for dialogue. We will share interviews and profiles of people who inspire us and show us the very different ways and circumstances in which we can live more mindfully. 

Finally, Musings will also be a space for our Minori team to share news with you. Being open and transparent with our community has been crucial for me since day one of building Minori. I look forward to continuing to bring you along our entrepreneurial journey, celebrating milestones and being open  about challenges or dilemmas we face as a young startup. 

If you would like to write for the Musings blog we would love to hear from you. Email us at or sent us a DM on instagram. To all our readers, We would love to hear from you and speak with you directly. Let us know if you liked something we wrote, if you know someone who we should interview, if you yourself want to share your personal story with us, or if you simply want to say hello! Our (virtual) door is always open! 

Welcome to Musings! Wishing you happy reading!

With love, 

Anastasia & the Minori team



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