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Skincare Simplified: Meet State of Kind's Founder Sarah Dobbin-Battersby

Meet State of Kind—a minimalist skincare brand that takes an intentional approach to creating effective, multi-functional skincare that's kind to skin and considerate of our environment! 

We caught up with State of Kind's founder, Sarah Dobbin-Battersby, to chat about what inspired her less is more philosophy and how she created the antidote to lengthy skincare routines.

Where did you grow up and what was your relationship to beauty and skincare growing up?

I grew up in Brampton, Ontario (a city outside Toronto). Growing up, I always found beauty and skincare to be overwhelming. I found it difficult to understand what I should be using for my acne-prone skin and would end up using 10 different products at once. When you’re struggling with your skin you are desperate; you’ll pretty much try anything (and I did). This approach made my skin even worse and negatively impacted my mental health. My relationship with beauty was similar—to cover up my irritated, dull skin I bought countless products and reapplied them constantly throughout the day. 

You’ve launched a beautiful brand starting with just one hero product. Like Minori, you stand behind the idea that we need fewer better products in our beauty routines. What drew you to this philosophy?

It took me many years, but I learned over-consuming skincare and beauty products compromises your skin health. The more = better approach was also having a negative impact on my state of mind. I’ve since learned to nourish my skin holistically and only give it what it needs to thrive. I’m also very intentional about which beauty products I buy and opt for products that are clean, simple, and truly bring me joy when I’m applying them.

How do you practice mindful consumption in your daily life?

After coming to the realization that all the stuff I was acquiring in my life was actually my way of trying to escape anxieties and insecurities, I decided to make a change. For the last several years, I’ve been more thoughtful about what I buy and from which brands. Staying informed about the negative implications overconsumption has on our mental health and planet help to keep me on this path. 

What does your current beauty routine look like?

My beauty routine is simple, but intentional. I love using multitasking cream products. My Minori cream blush and highlighter quickly became daily staples in my routine—I use both of them on my cheeks and eyelids. 

If you could convince your 18 year old self to buy fewer of _______ what would it be? What would you tell her to invest in instead?

I would convince her to buy less stuff in general and instead invest in a creative outlet. When we’re creative, our heart rate slows and dopamine is released. Creative activities also help us process emotions and lessen anxiety. Impulsive shopping used to provide an immediate boost, but it was always followed by guilt and sadness. 

What is your vision for State of Kind? What impact on the beauty industry are you hoping you make?

The excess we’ve created in our lives is having a severe impact on our planet and well-being. State of Kind exists to inspire an intentional, considered lifestyle that fosters a peaceful state of mind. 

By only developing multi-benefit, hero products that help take the guesswork out of skincare, my aim is for State of Kind to promote mindful consumption in the beauty industry. 

Meet Kindly Restore: An all-in-one night cream, formulated to deeply nourish, hydrate, and repair skin when it's most receptive to restoring itself—while you're asleep. 




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