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Meet the Muse: Léa Bégin, Founder of Beauties Lab, Montreal’s Cult-Favorite Beauty Destination

Have you ever walked into a dreamy space and felt an overwhelming sense of joy, making it an instant happy place? That's what it's like walking into Beauties Lab. Located in Montreal, Beauties Lab is a go-to beauty space that simplifies the art of self-care. Whether you're there to shop for beauty essentials, treat yourself to a customized facial, see Minori's products IRL, or take a makeup class to brush up on your skills, their team caters to each person's unique skin and lifestyle.

We are thrilled to introduce you to Léa Bégin, a professional makeup artist and the mastermind behind one of our favorite places.

What led you to where you are now and launching Beauties Lab?

I've been working as a freelance makeup artist for 15 years. Beauties Lab was a blog I launched back in 2016 under the name of Beauties & Co. I wanted to give a physical dimension to that project since the human connecion is what matters the most for me. Beauty is the connector, the glue. So I put all the money I saved in that project, and in 3 months I opened the first version of Beauties Lab. We doubled the space in 2020 during Covid, which was phase 2. And now we just moved on Laurier in the Mile End for phase 3. 

Beauties Lab is a self-care space that simplifies the art of self-care. My company democratizes skin care + beauty and helps facilitate the integration of green, ethical, and inclusive products into your routine. At Beauties Lab, clients can exchange with specialists online and in-store, and enjoy customized treatments catered to each person’s unique skin and lifestyle. The collective of experts on our team share a vision: to encourage knowledge-sharing in order to help people make better choices, and infuse their beauty rituals with conscious pleasure.

How do you hope people feel during and after their time at Beauties Lab?

Welcomed, decomplexed, at home, at ease, less stressed out, more knowledge about their skin/hair/etc. I hope they find in us either a friend, an expert, a mom. Because we are honest, we share our expertise, and we will remind you to wear your sunscreen!

What is your first beauty memory?

My aunt is a makeup artist who had a great and very long career in NYC. Her name is Marie-Josée Lafontaine. MJ sent me a box of overstock beauty products she had. I was probably 13 years old. I opened that box and discovered a world of textures, smells and colors. I locked myself in my room that weekend. It really sparked something. At the age of 14, I told my mom and my aunt I wanted to be a makeup artist.

What's the best beauty advice you've received?

Do. Not. Overpluck. Your. Eyebrows. (which I didn't completely follow)

What is your skincare routine like?

Since you probably don't have one hour in front of you, I will highlight the game changers in my morning routine! LOL know that my skin is more on the oily side and I have struggled with acne all my life.

  • I'm in love with the Korean brand VENN. I wash my face with their Moisture Balance All-in-One Hybrid Cleanser
  • Follow with their Synbiotic Defense Mist and Malaya's Eye Serum
  • Then, I apply VENN's Hyaluronic Compound K water-based serum and their age reverse cream that is super light.
  • I follow with a sunscreen adapted to my skin, adapted to the style of day I have and to the makeup I will apply
  • My night routine is different but yet simple. I'm a HUGE fan of masks: my favorites are the Neem Repair Mask from Malaya, the sheet mask from VENN and the Deep Cleansing Mask from Grown Alchemist
  • I include 2 or 3 sessions of Purelift in the week, one facial a month and cool globes + eye patches twice a week

What's your go-to makeup routine?

  • Coola's Rosiliance BB cream in golden or deep depending on the season
  • Minori's Champagne Highlighter in my under eye crease + the high points of my cheekbones, bridge of the nose, the bow of the lip and along the inner corners of the eye, hugging the tear duct and the brow bone.
  • I follow with Dalish's illuminating concealer
  • Minori's Cream Blush (I mix both Scarlet and Orchid) and I put it on my cheeks and eyelids. I don't curl my lashes and don't really need mascara, thanks to Lia at Beauties Lab who takes care of them with the keratin lashlift + tint
  • I hydrate my lips + Minori's Lip Gloss, enhance my eyebrows with a mix of pencil and eyebrow mascara from Plume and fix with some translucent mineral powder from Lily Lolo. Tada!

What's your longest running beauty habit or tried-and-true routine?

Everything that goes on my face also goes on my eyelids: blush, highlight, bronzing powder. You want simplicity? There you go.

Favorite Minori Product?

Champagne highlighter :) Soooo dewy.

Who, or what, would you say is inspiring you beauty-wise these days?

Healthy skin. Fresh and minimalist makeup. People who smile. People who have fun with their makeup. What doesn't inspire me is the very heavy-cakey-baked looks. I love to see the skin breathe, and shine with it's real texture.

What’s your favorite way to practice self-care lately?

Meetings with myself: acupuncturist, massage, museum, facials, psychologist, sport & gym, beautiful bathing rituals. Also, nights in with my cat Pauline and my boyfriend Wolfgang... watching a movie and going to bed at 9.

For more, follow @beautieslab @lea_begin and shop Minori online and in person at their Montreal location! 




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