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Meet the Muse: Aaron

Meet the Muse it is a series highlighting our community's mindful rituals, beauty staples, and conversations that inspire confidence and introspection. To us, makeup can be a form of self-care, a creative outlet, and intimate practice to ground ourselves for the day ahead. Our Muses walk us through their personalized beauty experiences and conscious living.

Meet our friend and muse, Aaron! Aaron shares his five-min makeup routine, an ombré blush tip, what minimalism means to him, and more!

Where are you based?

 Hesperia, California

 What do you do? 

I'm an Early Childhood Educator & Child Development Speaker for Colleges on how to promote an anti-bias curriculum within the classroom and how to support Men within the Early Childhood Education Field.

Anything you would like our community to know about you?

That I have enough love and friendship for everyone so everyone should follow me and we should become friends. Find Aaron on Instagram @aaron.d.dp

What’s your ideal morning routine? 

My ideal morning routine is waking up, checking my work emails and then getting ready for work. I then shower and do my morning skincare routine and apply the Golden Cream Highlighter on my high points and a lip balm on my lips.

Favorite Minori Product? 

My favorite Minori product is the Golden Cream Highlighter.

Do you have a makeup tip or trick you'd like to share?

Apply the Scarlet  Cream Blush as a high blush and then apply the shade Orchid on the apples and blend up so that they merge. It gives an ombré effect on the cheeks.

What’s something you can’t leave the house without? 

I cannot leave the house without my lip balm, cellphone, and a bag to hold all my work stuff in.

You have 5-minutes to do your makeup, what are you reaching for?

I can do a whole beat within 5mins and I can do it all with my hands.

Base: Immediately I am reaching for Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen. Then apply Auric Glow Lust in Sunstone all over as my base.

Brows: I then use Refy Brow sculpt on my brows.

Cheeks/highlight: I then use Saie Dew Blush in Spicy on my cheeks and Minori Golden Cream Highlighter on all of my high points

Lips: I then line my lips with Victoria Beckham Lip Definer in 04 and put Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm in either Brown Sugar or Vanilla Beige.

Eyes: Lastly I grab my Pat McGrath Mothership V: Bronze Seduction and apply Rose Gold 005 on my lids and blend up to my eyebrows with my fingers. I apply Glossier Lash Slick and then I’m done.

What does minimalism mean to you? 

Minimalism to me is about avoiding the unnecessary and only keeping what you essential need and what aids you in your life (makes you happy).

What's the best beauty advice you've received?

The best beauty advice I ever received is “I wear whatever I want to wear I don’t give a f**k what other people think & you shouldn’t either.” —my best friend Dr. Charity Vasquez (as she applies Barbie pink lipstick on).

What makes you feel confident?

What makes me feel confident is knowing that I am a good person and that my kindness and positivity can help better someone’s day.



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