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Minimalist & Low-Waste Holiday Decorating Ideas

By Josie Lo

I love keeping holiday decor simple, classic, low-cost, and low-waste. For me, something about the commercialization of holiday decorating takes the magic out of it. These are projects that I did as a child with my family. Use these crafts as an opportunity to connect with yourself and your family, enjoying the fruits of the process. These crafts include natural elements, some of which won’t store until next year. This could be beneficial if like me, you have little space to store decorations. 

 Paper Stars

Photo by Visual Stories || Micheile

 These easy paper stars from brown paper bags or cardstock, twine, and hot glue! Check out the paper bag version by the GRIT and POLISH and this cardstock version by Merrick’s Art! These would be adorable, hanging in a window or above the dining table. Little stars make a cute garland or tree ornament. If your home is monochrome or uses neutrals, these stars will fit the look. If you want to take this craft to the next level, try cutting tiny designs into the edges of the bags, drawing, or painting on the paper. 


Photo by Linda lee

I love hanging garlands in doorways, along railings, above the fireplace, on the tree, and large light fixtures. You can find materials at the grocery store or in your backyard! Learn how to make a garland from Garden Answer. You’ll need gardening shears, twine, and paddle wire. 

For greenery, I use whatever I can get my hands on! I use evergreen trimmings, pampas grass, eucalyptus, sage, and rosemary. Dried florals, pinecones, and cinnamon sticks would also be beautiful. Dried orange slices look gorgeous and rustic. You can dry them in the oven or air dry. Leftovers can be a garnish for drinks, incorporated into a wreath, or potpourri. Learn to dry orange slices here

Popcorn and cranberry garlands are a craft you can do with friends and family! Just thread twine through popped popcorn and fresh or dried cranberries. Check out this guide to popcorn and cranberry garlands

Salt Dough Ornaments 


These natural, neutral ornaments are fun to make with kids! You probably already have the ingredients, too. You need flour, salt, water, spices, and (optional) essential oils. Learn how here. These would look great on a garland, on a gift, or a tree. 


Photo by Wijdan Mq

My family uses fabric gift bags and reuses gift boxes and gift bags! Reusable gift packaging is a great addition to a present. If you prefer wrapping paper, consider kraft wrapping paper. Shiny, heavily printed, and wrapping paper isn’t easily recyclable. You can effortlessly cut gift tags out of cardstock. Handwritten tags make a beautiful personal touch as well!

Spruce up reusable gift bags or boxes with trimmings of evergreen, herbs, dried orange slices, a salt dough ornament, or dried florals. 

Refreshing Tree Decor!

Photo by

This year, I’m doing a potted tree! You can enjoy your tree for years to come. I’ve wanted an indoor potted tree for my apartment, so I’ll be decorating a fruit tree or olive tree. Of course, you could do a potted fir or spruce. Learn how to take care of your potted tree here. A small potted tree makes a perfect solution for those who don’t have as much space. 

Forget a tree skirt! A white table cloth or sheet will look just as good. For more decorating inspiration, check out these ideas for potted Christmas Tree decor. I’m decorating mine with a cranberry garland, salt dough ornaments, little paper stars, and dried orange slices! 

 Share with us your Low-Waste Holiday Decor. We'd love to see it! 



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