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10 Best Instagram Accounts to Follow for Home Organization Inspiration

I absolutely love looking at photos of minimalist interiors. I follow a few interior design accounts that portray immaculate beige and white toned spaces – the kind of living rooms and kitchens that could not possibly exist in real life. In a few weeks I will be packing up my belongings in New York and moving cross-country to San Francisco. Although I have fully completed the Marie Kondo process, I will no doubt do a quick review as I am packing my stuff into boxes and will need to re-organize everything upon moving into our beautiful new apartment.

I have found a lot of great, real life inspiration on the instagram accounts of my fellow Marie Kondo Consultants, who portray both their own organized houses and that of the clients they have helped. Here are some of my favorite Instagram accounts that serve me as home organization and decluttering inspiration and hopefully will do so for you!


Amy Mayorga started blogging about minimalism and decluttering soon after becoming a mom! She is based in Dallas, TX and is currently training to become a certified Marie Kondo Consultant. I love the witty quotes such as “If you choose not to purchase it, eventually it won’t be on the shelf”.


Devin VonderHaar is a Portland based content creator turned Marie Kondo Consultant! Her Instagram feed will make you want to redecorate your apartment with a minimalist aesthetic.

Image of the.modern.minimalist


Alexandria Horst is a Marie Kondo Consultant Trainee based in Marina del Rey, California. I love scrolling through her feed to see photos of her perfectly folded clothes in her dresser drawers and her organized kitchen cabinets.

Photo of repurposeyourplace

Minori Beauty

You will also find some organization advice on our Minori Instagram account. Pay attention to the stories where I post about my beauty de-cluttering sessions! Here is one of my favorite from when I helped beauty influencer Glow with Ava declutter her collection before she moved in with her fiancé!



Kathryn Kelly is a mom and wife and soon to be certified Marie Kondo Consultant based in Springfield, Missouri. Her focus is on maximizing her time with her family by minimizing the clutter in her home. She often posts about aromatherapy on her feed and teaches her readers on how to use different essential oils.


Kinga Clues is a professional organizer and Marie Kondo Consultant trainee based in the Atlanta area. On her feed, you will find inspiration on storage solutions to neatly store everything that sparks joy for you!


Alison Bentley is a professional organizer based in Raleigh, North Carolina. I follow her feed not only to get inspired to declutter but also to peak at her amazing book recommendations!


Sarah Messina is a Marie Kondo Consultant trainee from Rocherster, Minnesota . Her blog offers amazing tangible advice to guide you through the Marie Kondo process. I found her post on how to organize your papers particularly useful as it is a dreaded category for most people who complete the Marie Kondo process at home.


Did you know that there was an entire team of certified consultants that helped the families complete their decluttering process in the Netflix Original: “Tyding up with Marie Kondo”? Jane Marie Grodem was one of them! Follow her to get some good tips on what to do with all your stuff that did not spark joy!


Ivanka Siolkowsky a former elementary school teacher that became one of Canada’s most famous organizational consultants! She used her Masters of Education and knowledge of childhood psychology to create an organizational system for children called the “The Moose Method“. Today she is one of the most seasoned Marie Kondo Consultants and makes regular appearances on TV and in Public Speaking.



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